Problems and Solutions

Programs That Cause Medisoft to Freeze

Quick Solutions:
Advantage Online Help Files Reference guide for any error containing the word "Advantage" or "ADS"
Access Violations while running reports Check the hard drive space available on the server and workstation to ensure at least 1GB of free space is available for temporary storage.
Claims with the wrong NPIIf you have a group NPI for your practice and you have recently upgraded your Medisoft to version 16 or newer, in the conversion all providers are setup as individuals. Edit the Provider, go to the IDs tab, if there is a rule for the insurance company you are sending to, edit the rule and make sure the rule has the Group option selected. Mark the claims ready to send and send them again.
Custom Report List is slow to open
Report list or superbill is slow to open, may occur on one workstation and not others, open the UReports folder in the data folder, create a new folder and move the reports to that folder, then move the reports back.
Medisoft errors out while installing Restart the computer in safe-mode with network support and try the install again.
MWGLA error opening Office Hours Open Medisoft while holding F7 to reset the root data path. Ensure you enter the path to the root Medidata, not directly to the practice. Medisoft will find and prompt you to select the practice from the root Medidata.

A Backup is Already in Progress Error appears when attempting to perform a backup
Advantage Database error 7009 Error appears while working in Medisoft
Claims not arriving at Relay Health Revenue Management: Claims sent from Revenue Management to Relay Health appear to send, but no response reports are received
CLIA Number Not Appearing on Claim
CLIA number is entered in Medisoft, but does not appear on claims
Data Path Not Found
When starting Medisoft you receive an error message stating the Data is not found
Diagnosis Showing in Red A diagnosis code is highlighted in red in transaction entry  OR  You receive a "Claim XXXX has no diagnosis pointers" error
DLL version mismatch "Advantage DLLs must be of the same version" error
DX Error
Claim creates with a "DX Error" status, but all diagnosis are correct.
Eligibility Verification failed to initialize Error when opening a data set in Medisoft appears to lockup
Eligibility Verification Won't Send
On the Eligibility Verification Results screen the "Verify" button does nothing when clicked and patient eligibility status does not update
Error 5138 Cannot save new transaction, appointments, etc.
Error 6610 tblAppRefresh error
Error Opening Encoder Pro "Error accessing the OLE registry" message appears when attempting to open Encoder Pro
Find Medisoft Database
Cannot connect to the Medisoft Data Directory on the server. Enter the Medisoft data directory on the server.
GL Practice_ID error Error appears while opening Medisoft or Office Hours
Incorrect Patient Account Total How to recalculate a patient balance without running file maintenance
Index Not Found Error 7008: The specific table, memo file, or index file was unable to opened
Medisoft will not open on Windows 10
Medisoft hangs on startup after upgrading to Windows 10
Missing ****.dll Error Error "Error accessing ***.dll" error when starting Medisoft
Missing gdiplus.dll
When opening Medisoft an error states that the system can't find the gdiplus.dll
NDC Number Not Appearing on Claim
NCD Number is not appearing on the claim
Office Hours Displays June 27, 1996 Date appears on the Calendar in the Left Hand Corner, but displays the current days appointments
Patient Case Divider Issue Problem in Patient Case Window where window doesn't show both the Patient list and Case Window
Patient Day Sheet Result is no data or limited data in report
Report not found in Database "Report ***.rpt not found" message appears when trying to run a report
Report Totals Information about why report totals differ from one report to the next
Reports with No Data Report displays "No Data Found"
Schedule Will Not Print from Office Hours The "Printing Progress" bar appears when trying to print the schedule from Office Hours, but the progress bar never advances
Secondary Claims- Invalid Amount Revenue Management: Rejection for "Invalid Amount" on secondary claims
User must exit during conversion "All users must exit" error appears, but no users are connected to server
Windows Large Fonts Medisoft showing skewed or cut off text fields
Wrong info on new case
When creating a new patient or case, another patient's info is filled in to some of the boxes

Clinical Support:
 Med Rec Button Does Not Work  The "Med Rec" button does not update the reconciliation date and does not prompt to select an encounter.

 Login Page Won't Load  The page does not load or Internet Explorer crashes when you navigate to
 Patients Not Crossing Over  A patient in Medisoft does not cross over to Practice Choice within 10 minutes
 Prescriptions Module Won't Open  The prescription window will not open or does not load properly when the eRX button is clicked

Depreciated Articles:
Version 14 Hot Fix Medisoft v14 Final Draft Beta Expiration, Office Hours errors occurring after installing the first Final Draft fix, Paper claims and print image claims not printing the relationship to insured entered through Patient Quick Entry
Medisoft Startup Issue Medisoft v11 or above appears to lock up or hang while starting
Statements Crash Medisoft Occurs in Medisoft v12
Problem during the registration process
Error "There was a problem during the registration process with database connection." occurs in version 11
Office Hours v8 stand alone conversion Instructions on converting Office Hours v8 without core Medisoft application.
Office Hours changes patient phone number v14 sp1
cpQryConvert: Error 7200 Boolean value is not assignment compatible with non-Boolean value error that occurs while converting data.
Data Dictionary Fails to Deploy Error appears while converting from a version prior to Medisoft v10
1 page Remainder Statements Print Continued in footer totals. This is a known problem, acknowledge by Medisoft. It appears in v 14 sp1 and is expected to be fixed in SP2. Date of SP2 is unknown at this time