Adding Smart Screens

A variety of custom and template tabs can be added to the Case screen in Medisoft. The Ambulance Tab is a preset tab that comes with all versions of Medisoft since version 17, but must be added through the Smart Screen interface within Revenue Management (RM). If you do not have RM configure, you will need to set it up before you can access the Smart Screen interface.

(If you already have RM set up for claims or eligibility, skip to step 5)

  1. Open RM by going to Activities -> Revenue Management -> Revenue Management...
  1. If you have an existing RM database, click Connect and browse to the location of your CMDBLIST. If you do not have an existing RM database:
    1. Click Create
    1. Navigate to your Medidata folder
    2. Click Make New Folder and enter "RMData" as the folder name
    3. Click OK and RM will set up the new database for you. NOTE: This will not impact your Medisoft practice data
  1. Select your practice from the list and click the Select button to continue
  1. If you do not intend to use RM for claims or eligibility, click Cancel to skip the practice configuration when prompted
  1. When the RM window opens, click Configure -> Smart Screens
  1. In the Smart Screen window, click Import to import a preexisting smart screen
  1. Navigate you the directory when Medisoft is installed and open the RCM folder. (On most computers this will be C:\Medisoft\Bin\RCM OR C:\Programfiles(x86)\Medisoft\Bin\RCM)
  2. In the RCM folder, select the file named "MS 17 Ambulance.SmartScreen" and click Open
  1. NOTE: The MS 17 Smart screens will work with Medisoft 17, 18, 19, and 20
  2. You should see the new smart screen listed on the smart screen window. Close RM, go back to Medisoft, open a patient's chart, and Edit the patient's case
  3. In the case window, right click on the tab section at the top of the screen and select the new Ambulance Claims tab from the list