Claims not arriving at Relay Health


Claims sent from Revenue Management to Relay Health appear to send, but no response reports are received and claims do not get paid.


This problem can be cause by a number of issues. Check all of the following:

1. Go to Configure -> Communications, find your relay health receiver, click the ruler icon, click connect to launch the Relay Health login site, and enter the login information listed to the right of your relay health receiver. Make sure that this connects to your account and shows your recent sent claims and reports. If it does not, contact your vendor for support with your Relay Health account.

If your connection is functioning, refresh the Revenue Management connection file:

  1. Download a new copy of the "infoExchangeClient.jar" file.
  2. Find where Medisoft is installed on your computer, go to Bin -> RCM and rename the old "infoExchangeClient.jar" file. NOTE: It is best not to delete this file in case of complications.
  3. Paste the new copy of the file into the directory and restart Revenue Management.

If issue persists, contact your vendor for additional support.