Searching for ICD-10 codes by their ICD-9 code

Medisoft v19

    1. To find an ICD-10 code by your existing ICD-9 code, first right click on the diagnosis code field and select “Search Diagnosis

(Alternatively: Select the diagnosis code field and pres F6)

    1. In the search window, sort the “Field” by “IDC-9
    1. In the “Search for:” field, enter the ICD-9 code you wish to find the ICD-10 version of
    1. You will see both your original diagnosis code and all new ICD-10 versions of the code listed. Double-click on the code that has information in the ICD-10 description column that is closest to what you are looking for.

NOTE: When multiple ICD-10 codes appear in the results, the ICD-9 column will all contain the same code.