Setting ICD Version

Some information on this page may apply to specific electronic claims programs.

Medisoft version 19 and 20 will allow you to change between sending ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes within an individual carrier or throughout your entire system. Remember that you must have an ICD-10 code filled in on each diagnosis you are attempting to submit as an ICD-10 code. The program will highlight all diagnosis codes that are missing a corresponding ICD-10 code in red if the carrier on patient's case is marked o receiver and ICD-10 code. Likewise, the program will not allow you to submit a claim if you attempt to send an a diagnosis code without an ICD-10 code to a carrier marked to receive ICD-10 codes.

For more information on adding ICD-10 codes to your system check our guide on Creating ICD-10 Mappings or inquire about our ICD-10 conversion service.

To set the ICD version for all carriers in Medisoft:

1. To open the ICD version utility go to Tools -> Services -> Set ICD Version

2. In the "Set ICD Version" utility select the ICD version you want to set all carriers to from the drop-down box at the top of the screen

OPTION A: If you are using InterfaceEDI claims version 4.0: DO NOT enter anything in the "ICD-10 Effective Date:" field.

OPTION B: If you are using InterfaceEDI claims version 5.0: Set the ICD version to ICD10 and specify the ICD10 Effective Date as 10/1/2015. Version 5.0 will use this date to determine what dates of service require ICD9 and ICD10.


Make sure not to create claims with dates of service from both before and after the ICD10 Effective Date.

3. Click "Select/Deselect All" in the bottom left corner to select all carriers in your system


You can manually uncheck carriers from the list if you do not want to change their ICD version. Workers comp carriers are not required to make the change to ICD-10.

4. Click "Update Selected" in the bottom left to change all selected carriers to the ICD version you selected in step 2. The utility may take a few minutes to complete depending on the number of carriers in your Medisoft system. When it is finished you will notice the change in the "Code Set" column.

To set the ICD version of an single carrier:

1. Edit the carrier information

2. Navigate to the "Options and Codes" tab

3. Select the code set you want that carrier to receive in the "Diagnosis Code Set:" field

4. Click "Save"