Import New Reports

Custom reports can be added to the Medisoft Reports window by using the 'Import Report...' feature. To import a new report:

1. Open Medisoft Reports from the Reports menu option at the top of the Medisoft window.

2. Inside Medisoft Reports you will need to select the folder you wish to import the new report into

3. Click File>Import Report.

4. In the new window, navigate to the location where you saved the new report you wish to add to Medisoft, select the report, and click open.

NOTE: If the report has the same name as another report in your system, it will appear on your list with a trailing number. Example: "Practice Analysis" becomes "Practice Analysis (1)"

5. The report will be added to the folder that is currently open in the Medisoft Reports window.

NOTE: Some reports may not run if you do not put them in a folder. The folder you add the report to does not matter, but it must go in a folder, not the folder select screen.