Reports No data


When running a report a message appears stating that there is no data.


This message appears when the report can not find any data matching ALL of the conditions listed in the filters. Most reports in Medisoft will list the applied filters at the top of the first page (In Medisoft 15 and lower, you may need to enable the option to "include a Report Title page" in File-> Program Options). Use the listed filters to look for clues on what is causing the report to find no data. Keep in mind that all items on the report must meet ALL filters listed. If you search for a "Date Created" AND a "Date From" range, all items on the report must be within BOTH of those date restrictions.

Some reports have hidden filters that you may need to check.

  • For the Insurance Aging reports, check the Insurance Class
  • For Day Sheets, check the Facility field on the Transaction line, not the one in the case