Clear ICD 10 Utility

Running the Clear ICD-10 utility

This utility clears your diagnosis table of ICD-9 codes that appear in the ICD-10 Code field and description.

    1. Navigate to the Bin directory in your Medisoft folder. (From your desktop, Right-Click on your Medisoft Icon, Click Open File Location)
    2. Double-click ClearICD10utility.exe. The Open Practice screen appears.
    3. Select your practice and click the OK button.
    4. If your practice has login security, enter your Login Name and Password. Then, click the OK button.
              1. If...
              2. an Information screen appears telling you there are no matching codes,
              3. the Clear ICD-10 Utility screen appears,
              1. Then...
              2. Click the OK button. You do not need to run this utility.
              3. Continue this procedure with step 5.
    1. On the Clear ICD-10 Utility screen you will see a grid of matching codes.
    2. Click the Start button. You will see a progress bar and then a warning screen appears.
    3. Click the Yes button. The Clear ICD-10 Utility screen appears when the process is complete.
    4. Clear ICD-10 Utility screen
    5. Click the Close button.