An error occurs when starting Medisoft with text similar to

There was a problem during the registration process with database connection. Try running the application again, if the problem persists contact your support representative.

This error has occured with Version 14. The Advantage Database OLEDB 9.0 driver was installed on the computer. Removing the version 9 driver and replacing it with the version 8.1 driver fixe the problem.

Removing the root data may not be necessary. Uninstalling and waiting 3 or 4 hours and then installing the program, running it with the F7 option, then installing any service packs then browsing to the root folder seems to have worked in a recent case under version 15.

move the contents of the Medisoft Root data directory and then recreating it by starting Medisoft. The MWDBLIST and MEPROD could be kept to avoid setting up those files again. Do not delete the contents, you will need the files to reenter the Medisoft Registration.

recreating the Root data may not work by itself, uninstall the program and install the program, or find a copy of medisoft on another work station that does not get the error, have that program create the root directory.

it is still uncertain if there is something in the program directory.

In version 15, uninstall Medisoft, remove Program Files\Medisoft directory. then recreate root data with another computer.

Medisoft Knowledge base article 132587