Changing the Number of Diagnosis Codes

Medisoft allows for 4 diagnosis codes by default, but can set to allow for up to 12 diagnosis codes.

1. Go to File -> Program Options

2. Select the Data Entry tab

3. In the top right select the "Number of Diagnosis" box

4. Enter the number of diagnosis codes you wish to appear in Medisoft. This can be any number between 4 and 12. Keep in mind that diagnosis columns can only be added or removed by this option. It is not recommended that you increase your number of diagnosis codes all the way to 12 unless you need to use all 12 codes because it will take up a significant portion of your transaction entry screen.

NOTE: You will need to close all windows in Medisoft in order to get the grid columns to refresh.

NOTE: You can the number of diagnosis at any time, but it can never go below the number of codes you have used on any patient.