Type of Service Codes

Type of Service Codes (TOS)

Service code types identify the type of service rendered to the patient, as required by insurance carriers.

A Type of Service code can be entered in one of two places: part of the default procedure code information in the Procedure/Payment/Adjustment window or manually in Transaction Entry.

0 Whole Blood

1 Medical Care

2 Surgery

3 Consultation

4 Diagnostic Radiology

5 Diagnostic Laboratory

6 Therapeutic Radiology

7 Anesthesia

8 Assistant at Surgery

9 Other Medical Items or Services

A Used DME

B High Risk Screening Mammography

C Low Risk Screening Mammography

D Ambulance

E Enteral/Parenteral Nutrients/Supplies

F Ambulatory Surgical Center (Facility Usage for Surgical Services)

G Immunosuppressive Drugs

H Hospice

J Diabetic Shoes

K Hearing Items and Services

L ESRD Supplies

M Monthly Capitation Payment for Dialysis

N Kidney Donor

P Lump Sum Purchase of DME, Prosthetics, Orthotics

Q Vision Items or Services

R Rental of DME

S Surgical Dressings or Other Medical Supplies

T Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Limitation

U Occupational Therapy

V Pneumococcal/Flu Vaccine

W Physical Therapy

This information can also be found in the Medisoft help menu.