Medisoft Start up

This is not to be confused with slow start up. A sign of slow startup, the program asks for username and password if security is setup then displays the practice name at the top. Look to see if the program is trying to import reports for advanced reporting (if using version 12 or 14).

This might be caused by Medisoft's Eligibility program. When Medisoft starts up, the Medisoft initializes the Eligibility portion of its program which utiliizes Microsoft Dot Net technology.

During this initialization, Medisoft sends requests to the eligibility program and waits for a return answer, but the answer never returns. So Medisoft appears to lock up.

Medisoft Version 14 users,

Webroot Spysweeper may be the cause of this issue. Sometime in December 2008, computers with Webroot installed on them started experiencing this issue more often. Medisoft seems to work with Webroot installed but it is beleived that Webroot starts some process that causes the issue. Uninstalling Webroot might be a long term solution for this problem.

Try restarting the computer first. The following are other solutions that seem to help.

1st solution, go to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs, click on the Windows Components on the left hand side. Then look for Networking Services, highlight it and then click the Details button. Remove the check from Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client. Restart the system when prompted.

2nd solution

Uninstall and the Install the DotNet components. Restarting after you have installed DotNet seems to be required even though windows does not prompt you to do so.

Uninstall and leaving DotNet not installed seems to work under version 12sp2. DotNet may be required by other programs on your computer so removing it from your computer permanently may not be an option.

this appears to help with version 11 of medisoft.

Uninstalling the Dot Net 1.1 patch and the Dot Net 1.0, then restart the machine, then install Dot Net Version 1

then do the Microsoft Update to install any security patches or updates

Version 11 SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 may not use DotNet but this work around seems to work. The DotNet may be included in the Medisoft Install program.

Version 12 uses Dot Net 2.0. This procedure is confirmed.

Version 14 with DotNet 2.0. This procedure is confirmed to work.

3rd solution

This might be caused by Medisoft importing a reports bundle. uninstall medisoft rename the program directory. then install medisoft.

4th Solution

uninstall Medisoft, remove the folder, install the latest service pack. this has worked for version 14. Restart the computer.