Reports missing from database


Running Day Sheets, Aging Report or Analysis reports gives an error stating

"Report **** not found in database."

The report file on the server is either missing or unreadable. This can sometimes happen as the result of a bad install or failed import after a new install.


Install Medisoft again. The first time you open Medisoft after the installation it will import a new copy of the bundled reports. If you are prompted to replace a duplicate report name click "Yes to All" to ensure all reports are refreshed with their newest versions.

the following applies to ver14sp1

alternatively if you can find the report files by installing the program on a different machine, then copy them to the bin folder where Medisoft is installed, the program will import them.

after the install, you will have to look in the bin folder before you open medisoft because on the first run after and update the program imports the files and renames them.

the file names are





alternatively, (this is untried) you can look in the bin folder for the last versions of these 4 files in their rename form, rename them so they appear as above and then open medisoft.