Sending Unclassified Procedure Descriptions

NOTE: InterfaceEDI users can automatically send the description entered in the Medisoft procedure without following these steps. Simply navigate to the "More Settings" tab of the Claim Options window in InterfaceEDI and add the procedure code to the list of codes under the "Send Unclassified Procedure Description" check box.

Some procedure codes are designated as NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) or Unclassified procedure codes. These codes refer to a procedure (often times an injection) that applies to a variety of things. In order to process the claim, the carrier will need a few notes about how the procedure was performed or the name and manufacture of the drug, or DME, when NDC information alone is not specific enough.

To add a description to a Paper Claim:

  1. Modify the grid columns in the Transaction Entry screen to add the "Description" column
  2. The Description field is a free-form text field. Any information entered in this box will display above the charge information on the default paper claim form after the "ZZ" qualifier

To add a description to an Electronic Claim:

  1. Select the charge on the Transaction Entry screen
  2. Click the Note button at the bottom of the Charge section of the window
    1. NOTE: "EDI Notes" are for claim level notes with Revenue Management. Use the "Note" button for individual charge descriptions.
  1. Select "EDI: Unclassified Procedure Description" from the Type drop-down selection box.
  1. Enter your note in the Documentation/Notes section of the window.
    • If the carrier or code book does not tell you what information to enter in this field, use your own discretion
    • For Injections, enter the name of the drug and the manufacturer
    • For DME, describe the equipment and the manufacturer
  2. Click OK to save your note to the transaction description