Index Not Found


Medisoft reports:

"error 7008: The specific table, memo file, or index file was unable to opened."

(or any error stating Medisoft can not find, access, or open an index file)


1. Have all users exit Medisoft and Office Hours

Note: Users only need to be out of the practice with the error. If you have more than 1 practice, simply have everyone switch to another practice or log off.

2. On 1 computer, open Medisoft and click on File -> File Maintenance

NOTE: If you are unable to open Medisoft, you can run File Maintenance by browsing to the BIN directory (usually C:\Medisoft\BIN or C:\Program Files\Medisoft\BIN) and opening "FileMaintLoad.exe"

3. A new window should open with four tabs. Check the box on the bottom of the Rebuild Indexes tab that says All Files

4. Click Start and OK

NOTE: This process will take a few minutes, usually ranging from 3 to 20 minutes depending on the size of your practice. The progress bar will usually stop at 68% or 69% for a few minutes. This is normal. Let the process run as long as it needs to. It is rare that it will need to run longer than 1 hour, but is possible. Windows may report that the application is not responding, but let the program continue running if the CPU thread is still active in Task Manager.

5. If a message appears that says "Unable to remove Indexes from: [table name]", repeat steps 2 through 4. If the same table comes up in a message again, contact your vendor to repair your data. If the message appears again with a different table, repeat steps 2-4 again until the message says "All checked file processes are complete."