Data Path Not Found


When starting Medisoft you receive an error message:


There are a number of reasons why Medisoft will report that the data path can not be found. Click "Details" to get more information on the error you are experiencing and refer to the solutions below for additional information:

Maximum number of users exceeded

The "Discovery" process for the Advantage Database Server could not be contacted

The server is reporting that the number of users with Medisoft open is exceeding your licensed number of users. Keep in mind that the Medisoft Mobile App, bridges to your EMR, and computers with more than 1 copy of Medisoft open will consume a user license. This error will resolve itself as soon as one of the currently connected users disconnects from the database.

This error indicates that the server could not be contacted. This can occur if your data path is set to the wrong computer, or if the Advantage Database Server (ADS) application has crashed. To fix the first problem, click "Change Data" and browse to the correct Medidata folder. To reset the ADS service, open the "Advantage Configuration Utility" on the server, click "Stop Service" and then click "Start Service" again, or by restart your server entirely. CAUTION do not stop the ADS service if the left most column in the configuration utility does not read 0. Stopping ADS while users are still in Medisoft can cause damage to your data. If there are other users reported in Medisoft it also generally indicates the issue you are experiencing is not related to the ADS service.