Find Medisoft Database


When opening Medisoft a prompt appears requesting for you to enter the Medisoft data directory on the server.


This message appears when Medisoft is first installed, is opened for the first time under a new Windows user, or if the data path is reset by holding F7 while the program is opening. If you know your data path you can enter it in the blank space provided using the following format: "\\ServerName\Medidata". Where "ServerName" is he name of your Medisoft host server/computer and "Medidata" is the name of the folder when your Medisoft data resides. If you are unsure of the exact name of your server or the Medidata folder, click the "Browse" button to find the Medidata folder through the file explorer. When browsing, click "Network" and select the server computer from the list. It may take a few seconds to populate the list of nearby computers. Once you have selected the server you should see the shared Medidata folder. Select it, click open, and then click open again to automatically select the "MWDBList" file within the Medidata folder.

Note 1: The folder where the Medisoft data resides on your server is named "Medidata" by default unless changed when the program was first set up.
Note 2: You should NOT direct the data path in this window to the practice folder within the Medidata directory. Doing so will result in further errors and will not allow you to open the practice data.