Programs That Cause Medisoft to Freeze

These programs have been know to cause Medisoft and/or Office Hours to freeze or lock up. When the offending program is stopped Medisoft will immediately resume normal function. In most cases Medisoft will freeze when opening a practice. The offending program can usually be restarted after Medisoft has accessed the practice data. To ensure best running conditions please refrain from using these programs while Medisoft is open.

Medisoft will not open on Windows 10

Offending Processes:

Adobe Creative Cloud

AVG Web Tune Up (Specifically VProt.exe)

Bonjour Service

Conduit Search Protect

Google Chrome (Only with select plugins active such as Adobe Flash)

HP Status Alerts

Malwarebytes AntiMalware

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Microsoft OneDrive (Especially on Windows 10)

Microsoft Outlook 2014


Shop At Home Toolbar

Shop At Home Cashback Service

Skype Click 2 Call Service

Skype for Business




Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Updater

Download our custom Medisoft Fix button to quickly shut down the most common background applications that interfere with Medisoft.

Not all Offending Processes will be closed by the "Medisoft Fix" batch file, only common background processes that are not known to affect normal Windows function if closed or cannot be closed outside of task manager.


There are also a number of programs that load or read shared .dll files using "rundll32.exe" that can cause Medisoft to hang. Rundll32 does not always cause a problem with Medisoft, but when used in certain ways it can block functionality. If ending the "rundll32.exe" process in the task manager restores Medisoft, run standard repair utilities to clean temp files, repair registry, and scan for viruses and Malware to ensure rundll32 is not being hijacked by a background process or simply stuck.

If the problem persists, use msconfig to check for programs starting with windows that are executing "rundll32.exe" in the "command" column. The process may also be starting with a valid application that does not start when windows starts. To find this application open the task manager, go to the processes tab, click View -> Select Columns -> Command Line. Find rundll32.exe on the process list and look at the Command Line column to find the application that is triggering it's execution.