Provider Legacy Identifiers

Legacy Identifiers are any number or code assigned to a provider or practice that can be used to identify them beyond their NPI, Tax ID, and Taxonomy code. Typically these are TPI, UPIN, or License numbers, but some carriers use this field in lieu of the CMS defined Taxonomy location as well. Any information listed in the Legacy Identifier field will appear in the shaded area of box 24J on the standard HICFA claim form.

  1. Go to Lists -> Provider -> Providers
  2. Select the provider you wish to add a Legacy Identifier for
  3. In the provider setup you will find a Provider IDs tab with a list of rules for submitting attending provider information. Any claim with the current provider selected as attending provider must use the most specific rule on this list.
  4. To add a Legacy Identifier, select the rule associated with the carrier you wish to send the Legacy Identifier to and click Edit. If no rule exists, click the New button to add a new rule
  5. On the "Edit Provider ID" screen, select the radio button next to "Legacy Identifier 1" (note that New rules will need the provider's individual NPI, Tax ID, and Taxonomy Code filled in, as well as the Insurance Carrier you wish to apply the rule to)
  6. Enter the Legacy Number you wish to appear in the shaded area of box 24J in the space to the right
  7. Once you have filled in the identifier, select a qualifier from the drop-down box to the right
If you are not sure which Legacy Qualifier to use, select the one which best describes the number you have entered in the Legacy Identifier box. You can also select qualifier "G2 - Provider Commercial Number" for a generic identifiers. Note that you can also enter a 2 character qualifier of your own if the one you are looking for is not on the list.