Report Totals


Report totals do not show the same amounts.


Totals can be calculated in 2 ways:

  1. By adding applied amounts
  2. By adding the transaction amounts (this is what is entered in Transaction Entry)

When a report adds the applied amounts, the report totals the payments based on the date of service, which is independent from the date the payment was entered. This is also a problem if payments are not applied completely or correctly.

When a report adds the amounts from transaction entry, the payments are based on the date the payment was entered into the system, which is independent from the date of service.

To complicate this, each transaction charge has an accumulator for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Attorney, Guarantor, Adjustment. These accumulators are not always accurate, if a report uses those accumulators to add payment amounts, then the totals may not be correct.

In Medisoft v14 the Practice Analysis report starting using the Case Billing Code filter. The program Creates the Billing Code Filter by looking at the Billing Code list. In some data sets there are Billing codes in the Case that do not exist in the Billing Code list. So these transactions are excluded. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. The dataset began as a DOS data set, DOS Medisoft did not have a Billing Code table and allowed you to enter any Character A-Z
  2. The Billing Code table data was lost due to corruption or copying data from one data set to another. This table may be restored from a recent backup, but be careful not to overwrite your current data when attempting to recover the billing code table.Contact your Medisoft vendor for more support.