Creating ICD-10 Mappings

Medisoft v19 and v20

*The tool mentioned in this tutorial does not contain all ICD-10 codes*

    1. Open the ICD-10 mapping utility located under Tools-> Services-> Create ICD-10 Mappings

2. Select the 1st tab at the top of the new window labeled "1:1 Mappings"

3. Click "Select/De-Select All" to check all the diagnosis codes that map from 1 ICD9 to 1 ICD10 code

4. Click "Create Selected Codes" to have the utility add all the checked codes to your diagnosis list and remove them from the utility window so that you do not import the same code twice.

NOTE: The utility will not fill in the ICD10 code on your existing codes. It will instead create a new code that contains both the ICD9 and ICD10 code that is listed by its ICD10 code.

5. Select the 3rd tab at the top labeled “Other Mappings

6. Select an ICD-9 code from the top section, but do not check the box

7. The bottom section will now show all ICD-10 codes associated with the selected IDC-9 code

8. Check the box for any and all ICD-10 codes in the bottom section that you would like to import into Medisoft. You will notice that when you check at least 1 option in the bottom section, the selected ICD-9 code in the top section will become checked as well.

9. Repeat steps 6 – 8 for all ICD-9 codes you wish to map to their ICD-10 version.

10. Once you have checked all of the ICD-10 codes you wish to import, click “Create Selected Codes” and the utility will add them to your diagnosis code list in Medisoft and remove them from the ICD10 utility so the code does not accidentally get imported twice.