MPIC Install

MPIC and MIRTH must be installed and configured in the correct order for the bridges to function properly. This guide will advise you on what steps you need to take to properly configure the bridges and in what order. It will not include steps on the installation or or EMR settings. See the MPIC User Guide for information on MPIC's EMR settings.

  1. Download and install MPIC. Remember to install the version of MPIC that matches your operating system architecture (32bit or 64bit).
  2. Launch the Mirth Administrator from the SysTray icon
  3. In Mirth, Choose Settings on the left hand menu
  4. Choose Restore Config on the left hand menu
  5. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Mckesson\Mckesson Practice Interface Center\Mirth (or the location you installed MPIC)
  6. Open the DefaultConfig.xml
  7. Choose Dashboard on the left hand menu to save your settings.
      1. NOTE: It is not necessary to add the channels, creating the connection in the next steps will add the necessary channels.
  8. Launch the McKesson Practice Interface Center (MPIC)
  9. If MPIC prompts you to create a new database, use the following credentials
    • user: sa
    • password: $Mpic2012
  10. Once the database is created, click on Settings and create the connection between Medisoft and the EHR. This will create the necessary channels in MIRTH.

EMR Settings

Medisoft Clinical

The EMR settings for Clinical should be filled in by default. You can change the folder paths if you wish, but be aware that changing the folder paths in this menu does not neccicarily change them for other bridge applications.

Practice Choice

NOTE: Failing to load the defaultconfig.xml before creating the Connection or adding the channels will cause Mirth to fail to connect to Mckesson's server.