Medisoft will not open on Windows 10


After upgrading to Windows 10, or installing Medisoft on a Windows 10 computer, Medisoft hangs on startup. No error messages appear, but Medisoft never loads fully. Generally Office Hours and Medisoft Reports will open properly, but not the core Medisoft application.


There are 4 possible causes for this problem. Each requires a different solution and should be addressed in the following order:

  1. Right click on the Medisoft icon and select "Run as Administrator"
  2. Check the list of Programs That Cause Medisoft to Freeze and shut down any application on your computer that is on the list. Advanced Windows users should also try booting the computer in Safe Mode to ensure that there are no other applications conflicting with Medisoft.
  3. Install the Medisoft 20 Hotfix
  4. Overwrite the Medisoft executable file in the Medisoft->BIN directory with a copy of the Medisoft executable from a working Windows 10 computer. You can download a copy of a working version through the links below.

Medisoft Network Professional

Medisoft Advanced