tblAppRefresh Error


"tblAppRefresh: Error 6610: The Advantage Database Server did not respond to a database request in a timely manner. A communication problem has occurred. Search for 6610 in the Advantage Knowledge Base for possible solutions. AsExecute...."

Office Hours periodically refreshes the list of appointments. This action failed due to network connectivity problems. A similar error message may appear in Medisoft for a different table (tbl) for similar reasons.

Solution 1:

Check to see if you computer is setup to go Sleep or in to Standby mode as a part of the power saving function.

  1. In windows, click on Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Open the Power Options (you might have to click on Switch to Classic View on the Left)
  3. Go to the Power Schemes tab
  4. Under System Standby or Sleep After select Never
  5. If you have a Hibernate option on this tab make sure it is set to Never
  6. Apply the settings

Solution 2:

If the computer is using a wireless network card, the network connection quality may be slow at times or the computer may be dropping off the network. Wired solutions are preferred for stability and security.

Solution 3:

Check the firewall and antivirus settings on both the local workstation and the server. Ensure the following programs are trusted for network access:

  • Workstation:
    • MAPA.exe (or Medisoft)
    • OHP.exe (or Office Hours)
  • Server:
    • ads.exe
    • adsver.exe
    • ads_cfg.exe