DX Error


Claim creates with a "DX Error" status, but all diagnosis are correct.

From Medisoft Help:
If there are diagnosis codes entered that do not match the default diagnosis code set for the insurance carrier, Medisoft will NOT print the claim. However, it will create a claim in Claim Management and the status of the claim will be Dx Error.


First ensure that the patient's case in transaction entry does not contain any Diagnosis Showing in Red and that the ICD version on your carrier is set. If the problem persists, the program may be having trouble reading the ICD indicator on the carrier information. One or both of the following items should resolve the problem:

A) Ensure that all diagnosis on the claim contain both an ICD9 and ICD10 code and description.

B) Pack and Re-index the practice data through File Maintenance.

In most cases the correct ICD version of the diagnosis code will still send on the claim, but it is good to double check the outgoing claim data to ensure the correct information is being sent.