Schedule Will Not Print from Office Hours


The "Printing Progress" bar appears when trying to print the schedule from Office Hours for a certain day, but the progress bar never advances. Medisoft resumes when print job is canceled, but users are not able to print the schedule report.


An appointment or break has been scheduled outside of the operating hours or appointment interval assigned in Office Hours' Program Options. Open the Appointment List (Lists -> Appointment List) and the Break List (Lists -> Break List), and search for any appointment that:

  • Has a "Start Time" that occurs before the "Start Time" in Program Options
  • Has a "Start Time" that occurs on an interval that is not within the "Interval" assigned in Program Options, OR
  • Has a "Duration" that is not divisible by the "Interval" assigned in Program Options


The Program Options are set to the following:

Start Time: 9:00 am

End Time: 5:00 pm

Interval: 15 minutes

Appointments that would cause this error: (error highlighted in red)

Start Time Patient Length

8:00am John, Doe 15min Appointment Start Time before program Start Time

9:05am Jane, Doe 15min Appointment Start Time not in 15 minute interval

9:15am Jill, Doe 20min Appointment length not in 15 minute interval

4:45pm Jack, Doe 45min Appointment runs past program End Time

8:00pm Jenny, Doe 15min Appointment Start Time occurs after program End Time