Eligibility Verification Won't Send


On the Eligibility Verification Results screen the "Verify" button does nothing when clicked. A second verification window may open, but verification response window does not open and patient eligibility status does not update.


First, make sure Revenue Management and the Claims Editor are up to date.

  1. Go to Start -> Revenue Management -> Check for Updates
  2. Follow the prompts to update Revenue Management
  3. Go to Start -> Revenue Management -> Claims Editor Update Client
  4. Follow the prompts to update the Claims Editor

If either editor found and installed updates, check to see if problem is resolved at this point. If problem still persists:

  1. Navigate to the Medisoft\BIN\RCM
  2. Copy "Advantage.Data.Provider.dll" file
  3. Navigate to the Medisoft\BIN
  4. Overwrite the "Advantage.Data.Provider.dll" file copied from the RCM folder in step 1.